Alternatives in Education for Safety and Learning National Satellite Videoconference


Broadcast Objectives  

  • Describe historical and modern practices in alternative education;

  • Illustrate benefits to students, teachers, and communities; 

  • Showcase the Institute’s efforts through the demonstration programs to reduce violence in schools and communities 

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This broadcast is designed for educators, school administrators, boards of education, law enforcement agencies, government officials and policymakers, youth services organizations, community agencies, public health professionals, and all others interested in effective implementation of alternative education programs in schools and communities.

The Hamilton Fish Institute evaluates school violence prevention methods in order to determine what works and what can be replicated to reduce violence in America's schools and their communities. 

Please join us on May 8th as we present the second in a series of live satellite videoconferences. For additional information about Hamilton Fish Institute and this upcoming conference go to

Site Facilitation
Facilitating a downlink site is easy and can provide an opportunity for you to meet with other local organizations or agencies. When you register to be a site coordinator/facilitator, you will receive all of the relevant information (i.e., Participant Packet, Facilitator Guide, and Technical Information Guide) approximately one week before the broadcast. You are requested to copy the Participant Packet and provide one to each of your site's participants on the day of the broadcast.

Video Rights
You are encouraged to videotape the broadcast for use as a future resource.  No rights are reserved by OJJDP or its contractors, the Juvenile Justice Telecommunications Assistance Project (JJTAP).  This broadcast will be closed-captioned for the hearing impaired.

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