Risk Factors and Successful Interventions for Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders September 1998

Broadcast Overview 
The teleconference examined a recently released research report by OJJDP's 22-member Study Group on Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders. The report discusses what is known about this population of young offenders and how we can best prevent and intervene in their lives. Its authors provide empirical evidence that the key to reducing serious and violent offending lies with early prevention efforts aimed at high-risk youth and interventions with serious and violent  juvenile (SVJ) offenders.

SVJ offenders are clearly troubled and often dangerous. Although their overall numbers are small, they are responsible for a disproportionate amount of serious crime.

OJJDP's report concludes that violent behavior results from a combination of individual, situational, and community factors. Moreover, juveniles with multiple factors are far more likely to become SVJ offenders. Because of this risk interaction, programs designed to reduce risk factors in multiple domains are needed for successful intervention and prevention. The report also notes that implementation of highly effective strategies will require significant changes in policy and in structure of the existing social service and judicial systems.

Three Study Group members, Rolf Loeber, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Epidemiology, University of Pittsburgh; Nancy Guerra, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology, University of California at Riverside; and Howard N. Snyder, Ph.D., Research Director, National Center for Juvenile Justice; were joined on a teleconference panel by OJJDP Deputy Administrator John Wilson. Viewers were afforded ample opportunity to pose questions and present comments.

The teleconference was be of interest to practitioners, researchers, law enforcement officers, and others interested in helping troubled youth to achieve their full potential.

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