What About Girls? Females and the Juvenile Justice System Monday - May 24, 1999

Broadcast Overview 
Increasing juvenile female arrests and the involvement of girls in at-risk and delinquent behavior has become a pervasive trend across the United States. According to an analysis by the National Center for Juvenile Justice, females accounted for 26% or 748,000 of the 2,838,300 juvenile arrests reported for 1997. The juvenile Violent Crime Index arrest rate for females more than doubled between 1987 1nd 1994, then fell in each of the next 3 years. The growthin juvenile violent crime arrest rates between 1987 and 1994 was greater for females than for males, and the decline after 1994 was less for females than males. The female violent crime arrest rate for 1997 was 103% above the 1981 rate, while the male arrest rate was 27% above the 1981 level. These statistics illustrate that State and local juvenile justice agencies must be better prepared to meet the unique needs of both at risk girls and female juvenile offenders.This means that State and local juvenile justice agencies must be better prepared to meet the unique needs of both at-risk girls and female juvenile offenders.
On Monday, May 24, 1999, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
Prevention hosted a national satellite videoconference to discuss issues
 regarding gender-specific services for females.  Nationally recognized
experts and service providers will discuss promising gender-specific
programming for juvenile females that States and local jursidictions can

  • begin using immediately.

  • Broadcast Objectives
    • Provide a forum for issues concerning female offenders in the juvenile justice system;
    • Examine  various approaches and promising program models for girls;
    • Describe resource material available to support gender-specific programming.

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