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Posted by Kimberly Sandbothe on May 17, 19100 at 01:57:06:

I can tell you from experience that intervention is a HUGE part of the solution. Currently I have a 14 year old that is trying to call all the shots in my household, (I am a single mom,) and is heading toward a life similiar to that of his absent father. (His father was in Maximum security prison by the time he was 18.)
I have called everyone for help in nipping this in the bud before he escalates into a life of crime and drugs. The only answer I am getting from all sides is..."He has to have a paper trail with the courts, and have a history of criminal activity before we can intervene..."

EXCUSE ME! Help here, please. By the time that happens our kids are already too involved to turn them back around.

I also believe that a longer school day with a required class similiar to "day therapy" for all the students and required community service hours prior to graduation might help. It would give our kids an outlet, and let them feel like they are a part of the community. I know, that by myself I am not giving my son what he needs to become a functioning adult.
Also, since it's proven that genetics play a large role in personality, I think anyone with a felony should be made sterile, so as to not produce anymore delinquent, (and more than likely single-parented, financially unsupported)children. Also, if they have children they are not paying child support on, the same thing should apply; as well as putting them in a government run "workhouse" to help fund the raising of their child(ren).

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