Education, Disability and Juvenile Justice
March 6, 2003 1:00 - 3:00 ET

Youth with disabilities are over-represented in the juvenile justice system. Factors associated with the disproportionate representation of youth with disabilities in juvenile corrections are complex but the best evidence suggests that school failure, poorly developed social skills, and inadequate school and community supports greatly increase the risks for arrest and incarceration. This national teleconference will detail the significance of prevention, education programs, and transition/aftercare services in reducing the risk that youth with disabilities will be involved in the juvenile justice system.

Broadcast Objectives

  • The teleconference will highlight "promising" programs that utilize strong practices in prevention, education services, and transition/aftercare. Specifically, the teleconference will:
  • describe the problems contributing to the significant over-representation of youth with disabilities in the juvenile justice system;
  • present the concepts and practical applications of effective prevention, education and transition/aftercare programs for court-involved youth with disabilities;
  • through videotaped segments, present creative juvenile justice programs that use strong prevention, education and/or aftercare components to serve youth with disabilities;
  • provide opportunities for participants to discuss the issues with and ask questions of experts in the field.


Those interested in youth with disabilities in correctional settings including:
Correctional Educators, Administrators and Student Support Personnel
Legislators and other public officials
Juvenile Justice Professionals
Attorneys and Juvenile Court Judges
Youth Services Workers
Police Officers and Administrators
Child and Family Advocates
Local, state and federal policy makers
Probation and Parole Officials
Mental Health Professionals
Transition/Aftercare Professionals

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